Revolutionizing Oil and Gas Distribution with TrackGas V5

Mar 21, 2024 | Case Studies

Within the scope of oil and gas distribution, efficiency is paramount. Traditional methods often led to last-minute orders, uncertain contractual relationships, and inefficient logistics, resulting in lost revenue and decreased customer loyalty. Recognizing these challenges, Submetrika embarked on a mission to revolutionize the industry with TrackGas V5, a cutting-edge solution aimed at digitizing and telemetry of tanks for distributors and their clients.

Challenges Faced by Distributors Before TrackGas V5:

Before the advent of TrackGas V5, distributors grappled with several critical issues:

  1. Urgency in Orders: Distributors often faced last-minute orders to refill tanks, leading to frantic efforts to meet demand. When supplies ran short, clients sought alternative suppliers, resulting in lost revenue and fractured relationships.
  2. Uncertain Contracts: The contractual relationship between distributors and clients was often precarious. Instances of clients seeking supplies from other vendors due to uncertain availability eroded trust and loyalty between parties.
  3. Inefficient Logistics: The lack of visibility into tank levels necessitated frequent and often unnecessary trips for product delivery. This led to increased transportation costs, wasted man-hours, and inefficiencies in route planning.

Distribution Solutions Offered by TrackGas V5:

TrackGas V5 emerged as a game-changer, addressing these challenges comprehensively:

  1. Proactive Tank Management: With TrackGas V5, distributors gained unprecedented control over tank levels through advanced telemetry. Armed with real-time data, distributors could anticipate demand, enabling proactive outreach to clients before they even placed orders. This shift from reactive to proactive engagement not only improved customer service but also strengthened relationships with clients.
  2. Enhanced Contractual Transparency: By monitoring tanks through various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), distributors ensured adherence to contractual obligations. 

This transparency fostered trust and loyalty between distributors and clients, mitigating the risk of clients seeking alternative suppliers.
  3. Optimized Logistics: TrackGas V5 empowered distributors to optimize route logistics by providing accurate insights into tank levels. By minimizing unnecessary trips and optimizing routes, distributors achieved significant cost savings, with reductions in man-hours and fuel costs ranging from 20% to 25%.

Market Adoption and Success Metrics:

The market reception to TrackGas V5 was overwhelmingly positive, with Submetrika witnessing exponential growth in sales:

Metric 2021 (4.5 months) 2022 (First half)
Total Requested Devices 700 1600
Reduction in Logistics Costs (%)| 20-25% N/A
Types of POC Tiers Offered 3 N/A
  • Proof of Concepts (POCs): Initial POCs offered in three tiers demonstrated the versatility and scalability of TrackGas V5, catering to distributors of varying sizes and needs.
  • Sales Growth: The success of POCs translated into substantial sales figures, with 700 requested devices in the first 4.5 months of 2021 and a staggering 1600 requested devices in the first half of 2022.

Lessons Learned and Future Outlook:

Through its journey, Submetrika gleaned valuable insights, emphasizing the importance of hands-on experience for distributors to realize the full potential of TrackGas V5. Moving forward, continued innovation and strategic partnerships will drive further market penetration and cement TrackGas V5 as the industry standard for efficient oil and gas distribution.

In summary, TrackGas V5 has emerged as a transformative solution, empowering distributors to navigate the complexities of oil and gas distribution with confidence, efficiency, and unparalleled customer satisfaction.


Submetrika played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the oil and gas distribution industry with the development and implementation of TrackGas V5. Their innovative solution addressed critical challenges faced by distributors, offering real-time telemetry and optimization capabilities. Through strategic partnerships and meticulous planning, Submetrika successfully conducted Proof of Concepts (POCs), showcasing the effectiveness and scalability of TrackGas V5. The exponential growth in sales bears testimony to Submetrika’s commitment to driving efficiency and customer satisfaction in the sector.

Repsol, a key player in the oil and gas industry, collaborated closely with Submetrika to implement TrackGas V5 within their distribution network. As a leading distributor, Repsol recognized the importance of embracing cutting-edge technology to enhance operational efficiency and customer service. By leveraging TrackGas V5, Repsol streamlined its logistics operations, improved contractual transparency, and strengthened relationships with clients. Their partnership with Submetrika underscores a shared commitment to innovation and excellence in the oil and gas sector.

TrackAlytix Solutions was formed in 2023 to act as a North American distributor for the suite of level sensors by Submetrika, a Saragosa, Spain-based company successfully operating in Europe for the past three years. Their focus is on providing next-generation IoT-based sensor solutions at an affordable cost basis.

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